About your privacy

This Privacy Policy describes our practices concerning your privacy. We have prepared this policy because we believe you should know as much as possible about epicreels practices so that you can make informed decisions.

A special note about the children

The epicreels.net is not designed or intended for use by children under 18. If you are under 18, you should use the epicreels.net only with involvement of a parent or guardian. Children under 18 may not submit any personally identifiable information to us, and if we discover that we have inadvertently gathered any such information from a child under 18, we will take appropriate steps to delete it. 

Anti-spam policy

The epicreels.net is 100% opposed to unsolicited commercial email ("spam"). We do not send emails to anyone without permission and we do not sell or provide email addresses to any unauthorized third party. If you receive any unsolicited emails from spammers, please be assured that the epicreels.net did not provide your email address to such parties. 

This does not mean that we can prevent spam from happening on the Internet. Unfortunately, spammers obtain email addresses in a number of devious ways, including when you respond and ask to be taken off a spam email list, and in some cases by just generating emails to millions of random email addresses in the hopes of getting a few "live" ones. Please be assured that at the epicreels.net we hate spam as much as you do. 

All that said, if you believe that you have gotten unsolicited email from us, please contact us and we will investigate. Please be assured that we strive not to contact anyone without permission, and if you prefer not to receive any further communications from us, just tell us and we'll try to make sure you never hear from us again. 

How secure is the information about me?

We use a secure server hosting location, firewall protection, controlled access and encryption technology to protect your data. While no system is completely foolproof, we take the security of your personal information very seriously, and our security measures are designed to protect that information in a responsible manner. 

Privacy questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy at the epicreels.net, please contact us, and we will try to answer your questions or otherwise resolve the matter to your satisfaction.

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